Jenni Murray

As the presenter of Woman’s Hour for over twenty years, Jenni Murray is well known as a champion of remarkable women. A History of the World in 21 Women features women personally chosen by Jenni, from all walks of life, who spoke out, broke moulds and fought for change.

Encompassing  artists, politicians, activists, reporters and heads of  state from past and present, they range from political leaders and heads of states such as Joan of Arc, Benazir Bhutto and Hillary Clinton, via Catherine the Great and Marie Curie, to writers and artists Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood and Frida Kahlo. Jenni talks to Julia Wheeler about the lives, struggles and achievements of women who have helped shape our world.

Jenni Murray's has also written A History of Britain in 21 Women.

Saturday 23 February, Alexander Centre, Main Hall, 12.30–1.30pm. £8 Book tickets here