Christine Rayner, Mary Kemp and Carol Godsmark

Faversham historians Christine Rayner and Mary Kemp share stories about Faversham in the Great War, from enemy spies in our midst to the vital role played by women at home. They are in conversation with Carol Godsmark, whose novel All Change focuses on the untold story of over a thousand  red double-decker buses taken from the streets of London for use at the Western Front in August, 1914 to act as troop transports, ambulances and even mobile lofts for carrier pigeons. Carol's novel includes illustrations and a front cover design by Faversham-based artist Hugh Ribbans.

Christine Rayner and Mary Kemp have contributed essays to the collection Faversham in the Great War: A Century On: The Town's 1914–18 History. Christine Rayner is a journalist and compiles Bygone Kent with her husband.

Author Carol Godsmark, writer of six non-fiction books, is a journalist and publicist who was captivated to hear about the buses when reading an article about the London Transport Museum’s restoration of one bus, now on view at the museum. Her novel is based on well-researched facts, told through the eyes of a middle-aged bus driver.

Saturday 23 February, Assembly Rooms, 7–8pm. £5 Book tickets here