Tanya Shadrick/Lynn Roper

For outdoor swimmers, nature lovers and all who prize the wild and free, the posthumously published diaries of visionary wild swimmer and Devon paramedic Lynne Roper, who began swimming outdoors in 2011 while recovering from a double mastectomy. Warm, funny and fearless, she was soon at the heart of The Outdoor Swimming Society, inspiring others to swim wild, ‘read water’ and take educated risks as she did.

For five years, until a brain tumour made swimming and writing impossibly hard, Lynne recorded her adventures in over sixty wild waters. Like a swimmer’s version of the Shipping Forecast, Lynne tracks through the seasons places few know and less brave — freezing pools in hollowed-out Dartmor tors, sea caves stuck about with Dead Men’s Fingers, rivers in full spate where bouyancy is lost suddenly in froth and bubbles. By turns lyrical and adrenalin-fuelled, solitary and communal, her diaries are a celebration of Dartmoor, the Devon coast and the close-knit communities that grow from shared endeavour.

Tanya Shadrick also edited Watermarks and is the creator of WildPatience Mile of Writing.

Tanya will be in conversation with Katherine May (The Electricity of Every Living Thing).