Mark Bowsher and Ben Parker

Two fast-paced novels by debut authors writing for teens and young adults. Mark Bowsher's The Boy Who Stole Time is about a boy who travels to a magical realm and is set three impossible tasks in order to save his dying mother; Ben Parker's Beetlebrow is a thriller about two teenage girls struggling to survive in the poverty-stricken streets of a male-dominated world, and who have no other option but to complete a dangerous mission for their government.

Inspired by everything from His Dark Materials to Grimm’s Tales and Russian folk tales, and by travels in Asia and Saharan Africa, Mark Bowsher is a proudly dyspraxic writer and filmmaker. He wrote and directed his first full-length play, Not the Story of Me, at 20 and went on to make three shorts which won Best Short awards (plus one Best Screenplay award) at festivals in the UK and the US. He isn't married and doesn't live in Surrey but he did once climb a mountain dressed as Peter Pan.

Kent-based author Ben Parker studied feminism, gender studies and LGBT+ studies as part of his BA and MA in English Literature from Southampton University.

Saturday 23 February, Alexander Centre, Room 2, 12.30–1.30pm. Book day pass for teen/young adult events here