Stella Fry and Hazel McIntosh

Storytelling 'away with words' with Stella Fry and Hazel McIntosh. Lottie and owl are inseparable until jealous Night steals him away whilst Lottie sleeps. Will little Lottie ever be able to rescue her friend?

Children will be able to create their own owls.

Stella is a Faversham-based writer and primary-school teacher who says writing is like gardening: 'I start off with something tiny, and after a while, given the right conditions, some of these specks grow bigger. As any gardener knows, there's a lot of weeding along the way.'

The Guildhall, Saturday 23 February, 1–1.45pm. Free event.

All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at events.